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Executive Meetings

Stewart Lodges at Steelwood creates the perfect environment to stimulate creative thinking, renew one's personal spirit and drive, encourage teambuilding and create an environment of positive resolutions for exclusive corporate retreats and strategic planning meetings. A place where corporate executives may gather to enjoy the luxury of simple, natural pleasures; the sound of the wind rustling through the treetops, observing the migrating waterfowl, a quiet porch immersed in a good book, sleeping under an open window listening to the night sounds, colleagues collective laughter around a fire in a lodge or an early morning fishing trip on the misty lake.

Some of our many amenities include:

  • Two fully furnished lodges with 20 private rooms and baths (16 king and 4 double/double) with expansive porches featuring lake or golf course views
  • TVs, wireless internet, and entertaining/meeting facilities
  • Recreation rooms in each lodge include:
    Surround sound stereo system
    DVD and large screen movie theatre
    Library of movies
    Dart board
    Card tables
    Walk-in bar
  • Fully-furnished kitchen with all appliances (ice maker, dishwasher, coffee makers, etc.)
  • Beautiful fireplace
  • Catering and Personal Chef services available
Strategic Conferences

Stewart Lodge at Steelwood can assist you in the design, implementation, and management of your strategic meetings or trainings for a nominal fee.

Some of our services include:

  • Program design
  • Speaker selection
  • Management of vendor relations
  • Marketing
  • On line registration
  • Program (Survey) analysis
  • Team building
  • Design, implementation, and management of sporting events
  • Onsite registration
  • Sponsor solicitation
  • Meeting facilitation

For more information please contact us at Info@StewartSteelwood.com



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